About VACNet Express

VACNet Express provide members' a service that enhances their vacation activity experience and minimizes hassles-from transportation to cancellation. Selection of activities is not based on cost but value, safety, service and vendors' successful history.

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Member Benefits:

     * Member Assisted Toll-free Helpline. Member Assistants access to itinerary and information aides in resolving any unforeseen problems.

     * Pre-booking of Activities. Members are able to pre-book activities, hotel rooms, airline tickets, car rentals, events and other travel services.

     * Activity Discount. Members receive discounts on all qualified Activity Operators.

     * Discounts at Restaurants. The company constantly searches out restaurants that provide great food, service and atmosphere.

     * Nature Activities. VACNet Member Assistants help arrange preferred nature activities.

     * Rainout Alternate Activities. In the event of weather related cancellations, alternate activities are offered.

     * Gift Bonuses. Members may receive regional, seasonal and/or collectable figurines and gift items.

     * Online Vacation Record file. Members have online access to their vacation history. Enabling each member to maintain a diary of each trip.

     * Emergency Information. This is a feature available to all members who fill out the Emergency Information Sheet. It authorizes release of  

           member information that would be made available during an emergency.


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